About Kant & Clients Group

Kant & Clients Auditors and Chartered Accountants (KnC) is a professional services group of companies, backed by 25+ years’ experience with 1000+ clients in 30+ countries. Kant & Clients are one of the top Auditors in Dubai, UAE, top Consultants in Dubai, UAE, and top ERP Software providers in Dubai, UAE. Kant and Clients is one of the Best Auditing Company in Dubai.

Other Professional Services

Some of the other Professional Services provided by Kant & Clients Group are listed as under:

  • Accounting & Process Manuals/Documentation
  • EBM Benchmarking
  • Awards & Standards
  • Management/Finance & Accounts Recruitment
  • Process Documentation & Certifications

Audit & Assurance Services
Kant & Clients Auditors and Chartered Accountants, has been providing various Auditing & Assurance Services to the Clients for 25 years, mainly categorized as under:
  • External/Statutory Auditing
  • Internal Auditing
  • Monthly/Periodical Accounts Checking
  • Management Audit
  • Special Audit & Investigations
  • Inventory Control Audit & Physical Checking Supervision            
  • Receivables Audit & Analysis
  • Payroll Audit & Analysis
  • Business Risk Assessment Audit
  • Cost Audit
  • Sales Audit
  • Procurement Audit
  • Cash/Fund Management Audit
  • IT/ERP Security & Control Audit
  • Due Diligence for Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Certification (e.g. Sales, Net-Worth, or any other Statement of Facts, etc.)

    The above services are provided to all kind of establishments – any Legal Status (LLC, Freezone, Offshore, Establishments, Professional/Other Services, Publicly Listed Companies, Govt./Semi-Govt. Establishments, etc.); any Size (Small, Medium, Corporate, Enterprise); any Type (Retail, Wholesale, Manufacturing, Services, etc.); any Product/Service.

    Kant & Clients Group follows various professional standards in executing its work, depending on requirements - International Accounting Standards (IAS), International Standards on Auditing (ISA), International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), and Local Company Laws and practices applicable to any entity.

    We can also customized our Auditing & Assurance Services according to the requirements of the Management/Shareholders/ Stakeholders.

    Depending on the Scope-of-Work, we prepare Audit Programs and extensive Check-Lists to execute our work professionally.

    Kant & Clients Group deploys an array of Professionals (Auditing/Accounting Professionals, Management Professionals, IT Professionals) to execute the work.

    We can provide our professional services as agreed with the clients – on their premises, or online, or at our office, depending on the requirements.

    We are legally registered Auditors under UAE Laws, hence our Audit Reports and Certifications are legally valid for all stakeholders – Banks, Government, Public/Private Companies/Individuals, etc. In case of companies with cross-country operations, we work with other professional companies to be able to provide a unified service to our client.

    The frequency of the Services can be Annual, or Monthly, Quarterly, Six-Monthly, etc. as mutually decided with the Client.

    We can provide our services using any ERP/Accounting Software the client uses – e.g. SAP, Oracle Financials, Microsoft Dynamics / Ax, Visual ACE, Sage, Focus, Tally, Peachtree, customized software, Excel-based Accounting, etc. We can even work with Manual Accounting.

    The unique advantages of engaging Kant & Clients Group for any professional work are as under:
  • 25 Years’ Experience providing professional services in UAE/GCC/Middle-East
  • Well aware of Local Business Environment & Practices
  • Legally Registered Auditors, hence acceptable to all stakeholders
  • Technology-driven approach, because of wide experience in ERP
  • Integrated, yet independent Professional Services – Auditing/Assurance, Accounting, Business Intelligence & Analysis, Business Consulting/Advisory, ERP and other Professional Services, hence enabling the Client to have an integrated solution for all their Professional Services Requirements
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