Customer Profile

Kant & Clients Group has been providing professional services in the region and worldwide to thousands of clients in the past 25 years. The range of clientele of Kant & Clients Group includes Government/Semi-Government Organisations, Large Enterprises, Large Corporates, Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and even Micro entities.

Kant & Clients Group continuously strives to achieve high-level of satisfaction for its clientele, which is proved by the fact that most of the business of Kant & Clients Group is generated from the referrals provided by the existing clients.

As a Company advising on business excellence, including for Service Excellence and Customer Satisfaction, we understand the importance of the same and hence incorporate the Best Practices in the field.

The service-cycle with each of our clients is as under:

Pre-Engagement Meetings: Kant & Clients Group focuses on understanding and listing the requirements of the Client

Engagement Proposals & Approvals: Based on Pre-Engagement Meetings, Kant & Clients Group submits a detailed proposal, clearly listing all the terms, and gets the approval of the Client

Engagement Execution: Based on the terms of Engagement Proposals, Kant & Clients Group delivers the Services agreed in the approved Proposals

Post-Engagement Services: Even after completion of the agreed Services, Kant & Clients Group engages with the Client for any further assistance needed or any value-added services are required, to maximize the benefits of the services

Some of the clients who benefitted from Kant & Clients Group’ Services are as under:

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